List of Dyeing & Finishing Machine:

Unit Area : 12000 sqft
Daily Capacity : 7 Tons

Unit Section:

  A. Utility Section
D. Grey Fabric Section
C. Lab Section
D. Sample Dyeing Section
E. Bulk Dyeing Section
F. Finishing Section
G. Quality Section
A ) Utility Section:

The Shafi Processing Ind. Has enough back-ups to fulfill the needs of all utilities essential for 7 tons of fabrics dying & finishing.

B ) Grey Fabric Section:

We have a large space to store 30 tons of Grey fabric ready to dye at a time separately according to Dia,GSM and Fabric types.
C ) Lad Section:

The Shafi Processing Ind. Has a nice lab Section with Spectrometer. Our Lab Section Contains a brand new light box for shade matching.

D ) Sample Dyeing Section:

Finishing Section Machinery

Finishing Section Machinery
E ) Bulk Dyeing Section:

F ) Finishing Section:

G ) Quality Section:

Quality is the main theme of our project in order to maintain the quality requirments of our respectable buyers. We have equipped our quality sections with so many machineries and alos engaged a large number of technical hands that they constantly ensure the quality requirments of the buyers. We have Shrinkane Machine,Light Fastness,Wash Fastness,Rubbing Fastness stc.

Brushing, Raising & Emerizing :

M/C Model: Optisystem XRE24
Manufacturer: Xetma Gematex GmbH
Working width: 2500 mm (one draft) & 1100 mm (two draft)


Brushing: Consistent best sueding effects even with stretch or two-way stretch knitted,woven & warp-knitted fabrics. Very short and thick pile over the complete width of the fabric.

Raising: Raising of Knitted & woven Fabrics in Open & tubular form. Machines equipped with 24 rollers, according to type of fabrics and the desired effect. Achieves a wide variety of effects by using differing ratios of pile and counter-pile rollers. 

Emerizing: Emerizing of knitted & woven Fabrics in open form. Unique peach-skin effects on Knitted, woven and warp-knitted Fabrics. Processes of widest range of fabrics by combining the advantages of flat and drum emerizing.

Fabrics specification: Fabrics are made of 100% cotton & blends with polyester.

Garments Printing:

Garments Printing machine – 16 Station, 12 color with auto Flash Cure units

Garments Embroidery:

Embroidery Machine: 20 Head, 9 Color with sequence Device



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